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Why you should join FanSided

FanSided is the world’s fastest growing fan-focused digital media network. Our network of sports and entertainment sites showcases some of the web’s best fan-driven content, and our company presents unique opportunities for those looking to get their start in digital media.

What it takes to be a FanSider

FanSided contributors create the best content on the Internet for their fandoms. As independent contractors, contributors share their knowledge and passion for teams, sports, movies, TV series, and more. Our contributors are compensated based on the performance of their articles.

What contractor roles are available at FanSided?

FanSided offers multiple options for contractors who are looking to join our network, with the goal being to find a role that fits your time availability and your desire to grow as a writer.


Contributor is a flexible contractor role that enables you to write on the topics you are passionate about, within a schedule that fits your daily life. In other words, you are free to write when you want with creative freedom to pitch your own fandom-related stories.

Site Expert and Co-Expert

Our Site Experts focus their efforts on building a vibrant community around their chosen fandom. The Site Expert is the primary contributor for their site, providing readers with fresh daily content, while also supporting the other contributors on their team and creatively engaging with the site’s audience through social media channels.

Site Co-Experts have the same focus as Site Experts, but they share the role with another Site Co-Expert.

For further information on any available roles, skim or search the listings below. You are also encouraged to email the FanSided Contributor Operations team with any questions.
Paid Contributor, FanSided
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All Sports Betting
Paid Contributor, Betsided
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League of Legends
Site Co-Expert, Blog of Legends
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Denver Nuggets
Site Expert, Nugg Love
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Arkansas Razorbacks
Site Expert, Razorbackers
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NFL Draft
Paid Contributor, With the First Pick
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Paid Contributor, FanSided MMA
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All Technology
Site Expert, GeekSided
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Don’t see the topic you’re interested in listed above? Send us a proposal for the topic you’d like to write about.

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